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Latine professionals are the future. In the United States, as one of the most entrepreneurial and fastest growing demographics today, the Latine community has been responsible for approximately 50% of net new small business growth over the past decade* and is projected to account for 78% of the net increase in the U.S labor force from 2020–2030.**

Yet Latine founders only get 2% of venture investment. VCFamilia is here to change that.

We’re striving to uplift Latine funders by creating an authentic, intentional community and platform to amplify them. Sign up to join La Familia here.

*The State of Latino Entrepreneurship Report 2021
**U.S. Dept of Labor

Our Mission

To unite the Latine community, advance capital access in the venture ecosystem and create an inclusive environment for Latine investors to thrive. We’re focused on:

  • Closing the capital gap for the Latine community at all levels in the ecosystem (LPs, GPs and founders).
  • Providing access, education, and support to aspiring and current Latine investors & founders.
  • Cultivating community and creating a platform for current investors to support each other and build a strong foundation for success in the industry.
Our Members

Our community includes 300+ members, hailing from over a dozen Latine countries and cultures. With junior investors, principals, and emerging & experienced GPs among our ranks from some of the most established Silicon Valley venture funds and non-traditional, emerging firms. From the Bay Area to Miami, and NYC to Buenos Aires, we are the definitive community of Latine Investors.

Our Partners

Our partners include some of the most forward-thinking and impactful organizations in tech, including Techstars, Comcast, Samsung Next, and others. Each is aligned with our mission, and the broader opportunity in supporting the growth of the Latine VC community.

Our Programming

From city-specific meetups to partner sponsored workshops, our programming is directed to foster deep and long lasting relationships. We’ve hosted co-working sessions, Hispanic Heritage Month gatherings, LP & GP networking events, and even Breaking into VC seminars. In 2023, expect to see more of VCFamilia in a city near you!

Meet La Familia

As a founder feel free to reach out if the investor’s criteria matches your company. Partial list given some members chose to opt out of the public.

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“The VCFamilia community has been instrumental in helping me to forge partnerships (from sharing dealflow to sponsoring events) with folks who share my drive to make the tech ecosystem more equitable for Black & Brown folks.”

- Amber Quinones, Head of Platform and Operations at BBG Ventures

“100% my favorite org in the VC space. The good vibes, the friendliness, the sense of acceptance and community is what makes VC familia golden.”

- Jolynn Vallejo, Chief of Staff at Kapor Capital

“VCFamilia is more than just a name, our group is truly is a family! I feel like I have a group of colleagues I can reach out to and have candid convos with in a way that I would not have been able to otherwise.”

- Eduardo Cabral, Investor at Urca Angels

“Every time I have a question, there's someone to support. The community I was able to tap into for support is a big part of why I was able to land my role at Acrew Capital.”

- Israel Munoz, Associate at Acrew Capital

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If you’re interested in advancing our mission, please reach out to learn about the different ways you can help our community.

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community...Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”

— Cesar Chavez

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VCFamilia prioritizes community. If you identify as Latine and are in the venture community, join our Slack! If you are an ally, please join our Linkedin group.

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Support us as we scale! If you’re interested in advancing our mission, please reach out to learn about the different ways you can help our community.

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